1. Website hosting

Our servers are capable of Magento websites hosting and depending on your business requirements you can choose disk speed (HDD (SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 rpm) or SSD (SATA 6 Gb/s SSD)) and space amount. Generally, there are six payment plans provided, so you do not need to pay for features that you do not use.

2. Fast automatic installation

You do not need to do anything manually. All processes are executed automatically. Fast, automatic installation of a web-store is done in several simple steps.

3. Different website themes and their color variations

There are fifteen website themes with their color variations currently available, but the list is not complete. A great amount of themes is under development and they will be added soon. Also, remember, that you are not limited; you can switch a website theme whenever you want.

4. Website theme preview

In order to select a website theme make use of the live preview. This function helps you to make the right choice and to test all features, which are supported by a certain theme. Also, remember that it is possible to switch a website whenever you want to.

5. Internal domain name

When registration is completed, you get an internal domain name that is utilized in the process of website building. Later if you do not want to have a custom domain name and you are satisfied with the given option you can continue using it.

6. Custom domain name

When your online shop is built and it is ready for customers you can redirect it to a custom domain name. You are not limited you can choose a domain name that suits your industry and your products, a domain name that is easy to remember.

7. FTP access to website files

You are provided with the access to source Magento files. You’ve got the opportunity to modify and add anything you need. Your e-commerce website can be improved in accordance with the requirements of your business and you can do it on your own.

8. Multiple stores creation

There are no limits in the amount of web-stores that can be created. The only limitation is the disk size, so you can use this space in different ways depending on your business strategy. You can have either one big shop or several smaller ones.

9. Unlimited amount of mail accounts

In addition to all above-mentioned features, we offer unlimited amount of e-mail accounts for your domain name. Consequently, you do not need to pay for this feature like you do with other hosting providers.

10. Detailed documentation

You will be supported by members of our team in the process of web-site building. You will receive e-mails with instructions the steps that should be taken and actions that should be performed. Also, you can make use of our documentation.

11. Online support

If you have any questions you can always ask them on our website. Our manager will provide answers as soon as possible. We are also waiting for your opinions and feedbacks.

12. 2 months trial period

We provide our clients with 2 months trial period. During this period you can test all features and make a decision whether this solution meets the needs of your business. So do not hesitate register today and benefit from BROWUSE.

Coming Soon Features

We are constantly working on BROWUSE improvement. And there are features which will be added shortly. Interested? Have a look at them below.

1. New website themes;

2. New Magento packages;

3. Websites backup.