A web-store has turned into the necessity for modern businesses, because more and more customers buy goods online and what is more the level of trust to online shopping has increased significantly. But how to build a web-store when your budget is limited, there are a lot of start up businesses which are facing this problem.

Generally the process of the website development is quite complicated and includes several stages such as market analysis, planning, design and development, testing and delivery, maintenance. Usually business owners do not need any help while working on the market analysis and planning. They know perfectly well what their target audience is and what preferences their customers have. But in the majority of cases it might be difficult to design and develop a website without professional assistance. So if you decide to hire a team of professionals for this project implementation you need to be ready that it will require significant investments. So what about alternative options?

We would like to introduce you BROWUSE solution, which seems to be a perfect beginning for your business. BROWUSE provides you with the opportunity to create an online shop for – 20 per month. So you do not need a significant budget to start selling online. And what is also important you do not need to pay the full amount at once, you simply pay every month on the regular basis. Now let's find out what you get for this money.

BROWUSE features:

  • website hosting (depending on your need you can choose a package with 30 – 60 Gb disk size); multiple website themes (there are 15 website themed you can choose from and new themes are constantly added);
  • automatic website theme installation (everything will be installed automatically, so you do not need any assistance and can do everything on your own);
  • advanced admin panel (it was developed in order to make the process of website customization simple and convenient for our clients);
  • customer support (after the registration you will receive e-mails with additional information and instructions how to set up everything, also, you can always use an online support on our website to consult our team).

If you have a start up business and you want it to become successful you need to find modern solutions which will provide you with the best price and quality. Of course, it is quite difficult to make up your mind about a service without testing it. Fortunately, BROWUSE offers a trail version for 2 months. So you have time to make a decision and see the first positive results which BROWUSE will bring to your business.