In order to understand the reasons of e-commerce being so popular nowadays it is necessary to define the term itself first. E-commerce is a business pattern when goods and services are sold on the web. Today e-commerce works in all four basic market segments, namely, B2C, B2B, C2C and C2B.

It is not a secret that we spend a significant part of our time on the web, because we have a great amount of opportunities to entertain ourselves: we communicate on social networks and forums, watch films and read books online, buy different goods and pay for services. The first thing was sold online more than 20 years ago on the 11th of August 1994. It was the Sting album 'Ten Summoner’s Tales'. A lot has changed since that time, today there is hardly a person who does not purchase online. Why is purchasing online so attractive? There are at least two reasons for that: convenience and pricing.

We save a lot of time while purchasing online. We do not need to go anywhere and at the same time we get the opportunity to compare different things and prices. Also, we are able to buy goods in different countries without any difficulties. This is very important for people of the 21 century, because in order to be successful we need to be active, we need to plan our time and use it effectively.

In the majority of cases it is cheaper to buy things online while usually it is much cheaper to maintain an online shop in comparison with an ordinary one. Consequently, merchants are able to offer lower prices to their customers. So why not use it?

Now let's have a look at this problem from the point of view of a merchant. What benefits do they get from running their business online?

When you have an online shop your business automatically becomes international, you do not have any limits as for the location: the whole world is open for you. You can have customers and vendors in different countries and you can work with them without any problems. Also, online shop is available 24/7, you do not limit your clients. They can purchase when they have time and they do not need to plan anything beforehand because they just need to browse your webstore and place the order. What is more, it is much easier to start an online business because the investments required are not that significant and at the beginning you can control everything on your own. But what about the drawbacks? Are there any?

It is considered that in order to build an online shop you need to hire a professional developer or a team of developers who will implement this task for you. But in the reality things are much simpler nowadays. There are solutions which can do it automatically for you.

BROWUSE is a modern alternative to old e-commerce solutions. With BROWUSE you get website hosting and a functional webstore in less than 15 minutes. A website theme is installed automatically, so you just need to download your products and you are ready to sell.